Kids Learn Spelling Fun

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  • Language English
  • Developer Espace Pty Ltd

Kids self-teaching educational learning app that teaches to write more than 500 common English words. The learning process is carried out in three stages: learning, practice and control.

The program consists of easy sets of words that start up with three letter words and works up to eight letter words as well as theme based words covering topics such as animals, shapes, colors, fruits, transportation and vegetables.

In the learning mode the program shows a picture of the new vocabulary learned and the word read aloud, the completed word is also shown temporarily. Children can then choose the letters with the ability to repeat the word that has been completed as many times as needed to make Word.

In the application mode, the completed word is not shown but when the word is completed correctly the feedback is provided to indicate whether the word is correctly spelled with the next word only possible to progress.

In confirmation and test mode, there are no clues to the correct spelling of the word, and there are options for selecting all the letters of the alphabet.

This app is suitable for preschool children who want to get a start on spelling before starting school as well as older children who are already at school and want to improve their spelling and word recognition skills.

Award winning educational game developer.

Kids have fun spell checking:
• A great variety to learn more than 500 English words
• High quality images high definition (HD) set against colorful scenes that look great and displays your retina
• Each word is spoken pronounced
• Ability to use upper case or lower case tiles • Learning in three different modes with self-paced for information: learning practice and test modes
• easy starting with three letter words and increasing the difficulty of working up to eight letter words
• Additional Word • Animals, Colors, Fruits, Numbers, Shapes, Moving and Vegetables as well as this cover sets no ads on specific topics.

Kids are spell-free words to learn which can be easily upgraded through a single low-cost in-app purchase to enable all 500+ words. Also titled full version of the free App by raising all the features added to the future releases.

We hope you and your children enjoy playing one of the best in our early education games for preschool and school age children.

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